It’s tulip time in skagit valley.

Skagit Valley, Washington is a hidden gem in the Pacific Northwest (rare, I know).

In fact, it pains me to write this blog, because I want it to stay the little slice of heaven it is. We all saw what happened to Bend, Boise, and Bozeman when the secret got out.

But in spite of my best efforts, every spring, the quiet agricultural county north of Seattle becomes a tourist hot spot filled with influencers snapping to get that perfect gram shot, elbow to elbow with the mom’s hoping to get that family Christmas picture early this year, and professional photographers trying to capture that magazine worthy moment.

What are they all here for?


Or daffodils.

Prior to the tulips popping in April, every March, the town of La Conner hosts their La Conner Daffodil Festival and the bright yellow daffodils signal that spring and festival season is upon us.

In fact, if you time your visit just right and Mother Nature cooperates you can catch both.

so Where do i see the flowers?

First, you’re going to want to stop at the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival Office & Store in Downtown Mount Vernon. You can pick up an informational brochure, flower map, and chat with the staff to get the latest updates on the flowers.

The flower fields are all located just outside of the city of Mount Vernon, and that’s the beauty of Skagit County, it’s a part of the Northwest that still prides itself on agriculture, not strip malls and cookie cutter homes.

So where to first?


You’ll recognize Roozengarde by it’s famously photographed windmill, and it’s perfectly planned and manicured flower garden.

I recommend trying to plan your visit to Roozengarde in prime bloom time, because WOW the display garden is breathtaking. I had no idea there were that many tulip varietals.

Roozengarde is the biggest and most popular tulip farm, so I would recommend you order your tickets online before you plan your visit.

Wander the 5-acre display garden, walk the 50+acre fields, and then head back to the gift shop to bring some tulips home with you.

What’s also cool about Roozengarde is that they sell tulip bulbs that you can order there in person, online, or through their annual catalog so you can enjoy tulips in your very own garden!

Tulip Town

Tulip Town has been a staple in Skagit Valley for over 30 years.

What makes Tulip Town pretty cool is that they have photo op stations for prime tulip pictures that takes the worry out of wondering if you’re getting the best shot possible. They also have a great little café, and hello, a beer and wine garden!

Best part about Tulip Town? As of 2023, they are now dog friendly!

Garden Rosalyn

Garden Rosalyn is a newer and smaller farm located in Mount Vernon, and in 2022 they were the only farm that allowed dogs. Not only did they allow dogs, they loved them!

Note: Yes, tulips are toxic to dogs, so please keep an extra close eye on your fur kid while you enjoy this garden.

Garden Rosalyn has a pond located in the center of it’s garden that has beautiful waterfowl and it adds a peaceful spring feel to the visit.

What we loved the most about Rosalyn Garden was the unique and beautifully designed display of tulips. They plant the tulips in shapes like hearts, and meandering paths which makes for great photo opportunities.

If you’re looking for a smaller, more family-owned feel tulip experience, I’d recommend Garden Rosalyn.

Tulip Valley Farms – New in 2023!

New to the tulip scene in 2023 is Tulip Valley Farms. To offer something different, Tulip Valley has an event called the Night Bloom.

Using lasers and lights, they put on what looks to be a pretty cool light show once the tulips go to sleep. They’re the only ones in Mount Vernon and Skagit Valley that are offering this unique experience, and the show requires a separate ticket that can be purchased online.

Fields throughout Mount Vernon and Burlington

If you’re looking for the less manicured look of the tulip gardens, then follow the Tulip Trail and use the flower map you picked up from the Tulip Festival Office/Store.

Honestly, this is our favorite way to experience the tulips. Take a scenic drive at magic hour on a Tuesday evening after the weekend crowds have died down, and it feels like you have every tulip to yourself.

But PLEASE be responsible – don’t trespass on private property, and park only where you’re allowed. Many farms have no trespassing signs and no parking signs clearly marked on their farm roads, so please respect their requests, after all these are working farms, not just Instagram backdrops.

Yes, you’re here to see the tulips, but a girl’s got to eat and drink right?

Lucky for you, Skagit Valley is the perfect blend of farm life and suburb convenience, and the option are as bountiful as the tulips nearby.

Let’s start with the essentials: the morning boost.

Where to get coffee:

Big Foot Java

Yes, there’s more to Washington coffee brands outside of Starby’s.

One of our favorites is Big Foot Java. A Washington staple, you can’t miss these giant coffee stands, with two locations in Burlington and Mount Vernon!

Anthony’s favorite is the Abominable White Mocha, and I always go for my usual Chai Tea Latte.

They offer pup cups and dog treats too!

Whidbey Coffee

A small chain in Northwest Washington is Whidbey Coffee with two locations in Burlington, one being a lovely café.

Pro tip – their cheery yellow cups go perfectly with the daffodils and other flowers, just saying.

Coffee Barn

Our favorite. Yep, I said it.

Coffee Barn is one of those local places that makes you feel more awake and sprightly before even taking your first sip.

The Coffee Barn Burlington location was just down the road from our campground for the summer, so we went there every week for Double-punch card Wednesday.

Their chai tea latte is the best I’ve ever had, and Anthony got the weekly special every week. We loved rolling up to that little red barn, reading the weekly special sign and oohing and ahhing at the creativity of this little gem.

The bagel breakfast sandwiches are also the perfect fuel to kick start your day of adventure.

Butters was given many treats over the months and can’t pull up to a drive-thru to this day without expecting hellos and treats to be coming her way.

Where to Eat:

Yes, you’re going to work up an appetite soaking in all this beauty and walking the fields.

So here’s some of our favorite places to eat lunch and dinner in Mount Vernon, Burlington, and the surrounding areas.

Skagit Valley Food Co-op

Cooking for yourself in your vacation rental or camper? Then head to the Skagit Valley Food Co-op.

Is this one of our favorite markets in the country? Yes, yes it is.

Skagit County is a produce, grain, and agriculture mecca of the Northwest and you can find much of their local bounty in this beautiful building in Mount Vernon.

The Net

If you’re looking for one of those good ol’ fashioned burger joints, then you’ve got to try The Net. It’s been serving Skagit Valley since 1955, so you know they’re doing something right.

The Idahoan in me leapt with joy at the fact that they have fry sauce that tasted oh so good with their perfectly golden tater tots. The burgers taste like a burger should, and their milkshakes are legendary! I guarantee there’s something for everyone here.

Taylor’s Shellfish Farms

Washington is known for its seafood, and what can be better than slurping oysters that are caught right there on the bay?!

Taylor’s Shellfish is located just north of the tulip fields of Mount Vernon along the scenic Chuckanut Drive. To get there, you’ll drive down a narrow and winding road from the cliffs to the shore to be greeted with the smell of salt and sea.

Taylor’s offers raw and cooked oysters along with other seafood. Its open patio and outdoor seating is dog friendly! It can get crowded here QUICK so try to catch the morning catch (hah, see what I did there) earlier in the day to avoid the lunch and dinner rushes.

The Fairhaven

Located in Burlington, this funky little restaurant offers some stellar, high-quality food! Their salads are massive and packed with flavor, the sandwiches are fantastic, the specialty drinks are delightful, we haven’t found one miss on their menu.

They have a quaint indoor seating section, but personally, we love their outdoor patio, and yes it’s also dog friendly!

The Fairhaven does have very limited parking so pro-tip, park on Fairhaven Ave. if you can’t find a spot in their tiny parking lot.

Tacos Tecalitlan

I know what you’re thinking, tacos in practically Canada, really? Yes. Yes, really. When my dad and mama came to visit us from California, my Mexican mother gave it the official stamp of approval, and that’s good enough for me.

In the 6 months that we lived in Skagit Valley in 2022, we ate these tacos more than anything else in town. Taco Tecalitlan‘s saying is “Saving the world one taco at a time”, and really they are, because if everyone could enjoy their tacos, I guarantee the world would be a happier place.

Pro-tip: their patio is a killer spot to watch a sunset in Burlington.

Skagit’s Own Fish Market

So maybe oysters aren’t your thing. How about the best lobster roll outside of Maine you’ll ever have? Ah, I got your attention now don’t I?

Skagit’s Own Fish Market is a fish market, yes, where you can get the freshest of fresh seafood and shellfish around. But they also have an amazing lunch menu!

The lobster roll was spectacular and well worth the typical lobster roll price tag.

Chuckanut Manor Seafood & Grill

If you’re looking for something a bit more upscale with probably the best view in Skagit Valley, then look no further than Chuckanut Manor Seafood & Grill.

Located on the scenic Chuckanut Drive, this restaurant offers brunch, lunch, and dinner with mouth-watering surf and turf goodness (remember, Skagit offers more than just seafood, notice all the cows?).

Imagine enjoying a juicy filet and perfectly seared scallops with a sunset view overlooking the bay and farm lands that those very same flavors were harvested from … it’s heaven.

Where to Eat & Drink:

Looking for some good food that pairs perfectly with your adult bevvy of choice? Don’t worry, I got ya covered.

Terramar Brewstillery

Pizza, beer, and spirits? Yes, please.

Terramar Brewstillery is located the adorable town of Bow-Edison. This is another one of those places that kept us coming back all summer long. They’re very dog-friendly, in fact Butters won their Dog-of-the month photo contest and was given a free bag of treats made from their own pizza dough, and mom and dad enjoyed a free beer! Thanks for that Butters!

Dogs are allowed inside the brewery which we loved on those chilly and wet spring evenings, and on their spacious outdoor seating area. The only place Butters was asked not to hang out was the cocktail/distilling part of Terramar.

We love that they pride themselves on using locally sourced ingredients such as barley, and apples, to make their amazing beers and ciders. Their pizzas, oh their artisan pizzas, made with locally milled grains & naturally leavened for 3 days, my mouth is literally watering as we speak.

Do yourself a favor and grab a beer and some grub, sit on the back seating area and watch the bald eagles soar above.

Tulip Valley Winery/Stella Sopra

Another Skagit Valley favorite that we literally cried when we said our farewells to last fall is Tulip Valley Winery.

Tulip Valley Winery is perfectly located right down the road from some of your favorite tulip fields. They offer wine tasting using their organically grown grapes with breathtaking views of the surrounding farm fields with a backdrop of the Cascade Mountains in the distance.

They’re incredibly dog friendly, and Butters became quite well known in our frequent visits.

Do yourself a favor and order from the on-site food truck, Stella Sopra, for some of the best Italian food outside of Italy you’ll ever have.

Why? Because Chef Alberto (who’s an absolute angel and sweetheart) is from Milan. His passion for food and people is contagious. We still dream of his bruschetta, ravioli, and gnocchi.

Farmstrong Brewing Co.

A great place to grab some food and beer right in the town of Mount Vernon is Farmstrong Brewing Co.

Their taproom and beer garden is dog friendly, which makes it another great fur parent option for those wet spring days.

Their passion for supporting Skagit Valley is awesome. They use locally farmed grain from Skagit Malting and mmm you can taste it.

Temperate Habits

Located in downtown Mount Vernon is Temperate Habits. A family and dog-friendly brewpub with some of the best loaded fries we’ve ever had.

Yes, another indoor dog-friendly brewery. Oh Washington, we love you.

Oh, and if you’re wondering what’s with the unique name, that’s because this brewpub is owned by two Doctors of Pharmacy who use their knowledge of chemistry and turn it into some damn good beer.

District Brewing

Located just down the block from Temperate Habits along the beautiful river walk of downtown Mount Vernon is District Brewing.

They have some damn good pizza, wings, and a great variety of craft beers.

What we love most about District Brewing is its location. The river walk in Mount Vernon is quiet and is located right along the beautiful Skagit River.

Where to stay:

Burlington/Anacortes KOA Holiday

We’re full-time RVers and workcampers so of course we’re going to recommend the place that we actually called home for 6 months.

KOAs tend to have a reputation of being overpriced parking lots with nothing special about them. That’s not necessarily the case with Burlington/Anacortes KOA Holiday.

Yes, it’s pricey for a campground, but that’s to be expected because it’s a KOA. You pay for the convenience of pull-thru sites and full hook-ups.

What you’ll notice about this campground is its well cared-for landscaping. The owners love gardens and flowers. The spots are decently spaced for a KOA and you’ll either enjoy views of the pine trees or spacious skies and fields.

With a stream running right through the campground, it’s a beautiful basecamp to return to after a day of exploring Skagit Valley.

Washington State Parks

So you like camping but developed campgrounds aren’t your thing, we get it.

There are several nearby Washington State Parks that offer tent or RV sites with everything from no electricity sites to full hookups.

The closest state park to the tulip fields is going to be Bay View State Park which offers beautiful forested sites right across the road from the bay.

Other nearby State Parks are Larabee State Park along the Chuckanut Highway and Deception Pass State Park which is on nearby Whidbey Island.


If you prefer the comfort of a real bed and true flushing toilet, there are plenty of hotels in the towns of Mount Vernon, La Conner, and Burlington.

You’ll find the usual chain brands such as Holiday Inn, La Quinta, Fairfield Inns, etc.

But … in the nearby port town of Anacortes, lies the Majestic Inn & Spa.

We’ve had the pleasure of staying here twice over the years, and oh what a treat it is.

Speaking of treats, yes, it’s dog-friendly. Dogs are welcomed with treats, cleanup baggies, and a welcome sheet for local dog parks, trails, and grooming services. Dog beds as well as food and water bowls are also available upon request.

If you want to splurge a bit, this is where you should go.

Where to shop:

You can only look at so many tulips (let’s just pretend that’s true for a second).

Want to do some shopping after a day in the tulips? Check these out!

The town of Bow-Edison

The same town that’s home to our favorite brewstillery, Terramar Brewstillery, is Bow-Edison.

A small town located between the farm fields and the Samish Bay, the main block offers a surprising amount of art galleries for such a small town, and some fun boutique style shops.

But most importantly, there’s Breadfarm. The love for supporting the local community runs deep here. Each loaf is made with such love, the cookies and pastries so perfect. This is one of those special places that made us fall in love with Skagit Valley.

Downtown La Conner

Love La Conner. That’s what they say around here, and honestly what’s not to love.

The main street of La Conner offers plenty to enjoy from boutique shops, breweries, wine tasting rooms, and more right there along the Swinomish channel.

Enjoy food and brews at La Conner Brewery, shop at some of our favorite shops like the Olive Shoppe, PacNorwesty, and Winston’s General, just to name a few.

Downtown Mount Vernon

Downtown Mount Vernon offers some fun shops to browse right down the road from Temperate Habits, District Brewing, and the Skagit Valley Tulip Office & Store.

Mud Bay

This one is for the fur parents out there.

Mud Bay quickly became one of our favorite local pet store chains in the country.

Bring your pup in for some treats, toys, high-quality food, and more. The staff are here for more than just a paycheck, they’re here because they truly care about animals and not only offer pets and love to your fur babies, but valuable advice and suggestions using as many locally sourced products as possible.

What else should I do?

Are you making a weekend or extended vacation of the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival? Trust me, you will never be bored in Skagit Valley. After living here for 6 months, we still missed out on a few things to do here!

Below are some quick ideas on what else you can enjoy during your time in Skagit Valley.

Chuckanut Drive

Take a scenic drive on the Chuckanut Drive that twists and turns its way from Bow-Edison on the coastal route to Fairhaven. You can spend just an hour or so soaking in the views or an entire afternoon.

Farm to Pint Trail

Brewery hopping your thing?

Then stop by the Burlington Chamber of Commerce and pick up a Farm to Pint Ale Trail Passport. Visit the 13 breweries on the map, get stamps at each brewery, and come back to the Burlington Chamber for a free prize! In 2022, it was a free Skagit Farm to Pint pint glass!

Snowgoose Produce

Want the freshest produce and local goods around? Head to Snowgoose Produce located just down the the road from Roozengarde farms.

Smell that? Ah yes, that’s homemade life-changing waffle cones that can only be found at Snowgoose Produce. Cold? Who cares. Do yourself a favor and go get an ice-cream cone. Pro-tip: bring a bowl. Their serving sizes are MASSIVE or immodest as they’d say!

Schuh Farms

Another fantastic local produce and plant farm is Schuh Farms.

Their produce selection is fantastic, but oh there pies. Yes the pies.

Samish Bay Cheese

Say cheese! You won’t find fresher cheese than right here at Samish Bay Cheese.

This certified organic farm sits on over 200 acres of farm that’s filled with happy cows, and that somehow comes through in their cheese.

Our favorite cheese? The Ladysmith. Enjoy free samples of their cheese, take some home with you or build yourself your own picnic lunch right here at Samish Bay Cheese.

Bow Hill Blueberries

Just down the road from Samish Bay Cheese is Bow Hill Blueberries. While tulip season isn’t blueberry season, you can still visit the stand and pick up some frozen blueberries if available and their famous blueberry juice.

This stuff is the nectar of gods. And yes, they do ship their blueberry juice all over the country, ask us how we know.

Padilla bay reserve

Want to get to know the local bay life a bit better?

Check out the Padilla Bay Reserve near Bay View State Park. They have fantastic aquarium with information about the local bay and sea life, a touch tank, and a beautiful walking path that leads to a stairwell down to the beach (depending on the tide). It’s a quiet little hidden gem of Skagit Valley.


Have you ever been clamming before? Well, lucky for you tulip season also lines up with clamming season in the Samish Bay! There’s no special equipment needed, but it’s handy to have waterproof boots, a shovel, and a bucket.

Get a shellfish license (similar to a fishing license) at any sporting goods store in town and be sure to check the tide schedule and if the location is open to safely harvesting and eating of clams. The Skagit County Shellfish Safety website is a great resource.

So what are you waiting for?

Y’all, we barely even scratched the surface of what you can do, where you can go, what you can eat and drink during your time in Skagit Valley for the Skagit Valley Tulip festival.

So what are you waiting for? No seriously don’t wait. Come May 1st, the tulips will be gone, even if they’re still in bloom. The farmers quickly cut back the tulips on May 1st to begin preparations for next year, so pack the boots and ‘brellas and come see the blooms before they’re gone!

Happy Travels,

The Traveling Tiongsons

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